Due to many reasons such as hormonal changes, aging, sunlight, etc., brown spots appear on the skin. This causes aesthetics and confidence loss for women, making them worried.

The melasma treatment at the CC Clinic will reduce the worry about melasma and rejuvenate the skin. The high intensity, short-pulse wavelength will be used to penetrate deep into the skin with no damage to the surrounding skin. This treatment overcomes the disadvantages of the previous laser – removing the deep melasma, birth-marks without causing skin damages.


The lasers pass through the skin and only impact on pigments that match the wavelength of the laser beam (black, black-blue, red, etc.) without affecting the skin (yellow), so it does not leave scars. Laser energy directly affects pigmented area. These pigments will absorb photo-energy, expand and break into small particles. The skin pigmentation deep in the skin is dissociated into tiny pigment particles and excreted outside in the body’s secretion system.

Coming to CC Clinic, the first client will be examined and consulted by a doctor with a proper treatment process. Then the doctor will directly treat.

Normally after a laser treatment, the effect will be 70% – 80%. Each treatment is 7 to 10 days apart.

* The treatment results may vary depending on the physique and habitus of each person.

The treatment by this modern laser technology will bring outstanding treatment effectiveness for melasma, which gives women the most modern, effective and safest method without rest time.

Doctors at CC Clinic have combined with CC Therapy ( to create a new therapy ( to-uu-dieu-tri-nam-tre-hoa-hieu-qua/) helping the treatment process quickly and efficiently.


– Treatment of pigments and birth marks: birth-marks, eczema, etc.

– Treatment of melasma, freckles, wrinkled skin, dark scars, hyperpigmentation after inflammation.